I didn't buy nearly as much new music in 2015 as Id thought.
  1. Pageant Material, from Kacey Musgraves: Even better than her first. It's just a stronger, more consistent album.
  2. To Pimp a Butterfly, from Kendrick Lamar: I read an article the other day saying people just like this album because they feel they have to. I heartily disagree. It's stunning. I feel that I've learned a lot from this collection. It still makes me dizzy, listening to everything said in this album.
  3. Reality Show, from Jazmine Sullivan: I usually don't listen to friends' recommendations when they suggest new music to me, but I'm glad I did for Ms. Sullivan. What great music, what great messages! It's a little bit of a tough listen sometimes, but that's a testament to how honest and real the words are.
  4. Surf, from Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment: Chance the Rapper is a genius, full stop. I'll be seeing these guys in concert next week, and I've told everyone I can already feel the love and happiness emanating from the stage, because of this music. I think that about sums up how I feel about the music and artists themselves.
  5. Traveller, from Chris Stapleton: Admittedly, I bought this album only a few days ago, but it's very good. Chris Stapleton's voice is amazing! And it's good old fashioned country. Just like I like it.
  6. It Follows, from Disasterpeace: Color me surprised that I bought a horror movie's soundtrack. However, this is some great music, paying homage to other horror soundtracks of the eighties and nineties, while still somehow being original. And of course, terrifying.
  7. Uptown Special, from Mark Ronson: Strange that this album is last, considering how much I looked forward to its debut, once Uptown Funk caught on. But I find it inconsistent, with its lesser songs...much lesser. There are some gems, though, and Mr. Ronson has some great friends and ARTISTS to help him along.
  8. EDITED SremmLife, from Rae Sremmurd: I didn't realize this album was released this year. It still would've been last, anyway. It's fun, it's good, but I really bought it because I needed music to dance and have fun to. There's no real substance, it's just for fun, and that's okay, sometimes! Also: No Type is STILL my jam.