this list will be ever growing seeing as i wanna fight everyone
  1. eminem
  2. donald trump
  3. all his supporters (even those who say shit "ironically")
  4. my 5th grade teacher ms vargas
  5. my high school stats teacher whose name escapes me
  6. the lady that cut my hair
  7. mac demarco
  8. halsey
  9. justin bieber
  10. adam levine
  11. every member of 5sos and the same damn time
  12. nash grier
  13. those other viners that look like nash grier but aren't nash grier
  14. my first boss
  15. guys who post pictures with the animals they killed
  16. everyone who believes in reverse racism
  17. rahm emmanuel
  18. most boys i've met in college
  19. middle aged women with kate gosselin hair cuts
  20. everyone that drives a chevy tahoe