1. why does grey's anatomy keep using weird covers?
    (in reference to music choices) @shonda rhimes seriously what's with that???
  2. documentaries like blackfish but like in editing
    i need fun moving graphs to hold my attention c'mon people!!!
  3. what's on a frontega chicken panini panera
    a part of my life long pursuit to avoid red onions
  4. dog that kind of looks like a ghost
    it's a borzoi
  5. what the fuck is in a big mac
    rachael asked me and it occurred to me that i did not know
  6. drippin swagu
  7. how do you pronounce cam gigandet
    i still don't know
  8. weird things white people name their kids
    i'm looking at you, gwenyth paltrow.
  9. euphemisms for masturbating
    some were dumb, most were actually pretty funny. it's a recommended read
  10. documentary movie about demon baby
    couldn't remember the name of the film "devil's due"
  11. book about boy who likes running also racial inequality
    couldn't remember the name of the book "maniac magee"
  12. where are baker squares
    at my core i'm just a girl longing for pie