There are so many things in life I'm so thankful for. It's time for me to acknowledge some of them.
  1. My family
    Source of joy, happiness, strength, and will power.
  2. My friends
    Stories, laughters, late nights, inspirations. AWESOMENESS.
  3. My greener habits
    Stainless steel instead of plastic water bottle. Totebags instead of plastic bags. Park-run instead of treadmill-run. Open nature-walks instead of mall-walks. And the list goes on.
  4. My mentors
    Nielsen: Mba Tita, Stephen, Amelia, Grace. Creador: Stef, Gary. Balaikota: Kak Ayu, Idris, Pak Ahok.
  5. My health, my savings, my ability to talk to people, and so on and on and on