Life is so fucking complicated it's hard to only focus on the beauty. These are the things making me happy this week.
  1. CrossFit 🏋
    • Took 2 weeks off for vacation. Felt strong and full of energy.
  2. My life coach 🔑
    • Used a new skill at work this week she taught me in terms of delegation that paid off really well for all involved and made less work for myself. Boom! 💥
  3. Good leadership 💡
    • THIS. This is so hard to find and so refreshing.
  4. WODies ✋🏼
    • Got these at the Fit Expo last week. Game changer.
  5. Headphones 🎶
    • Sometimes at work, people want to just ask questions into the air.
  6. Spare Parts for Broken Hearts 🤘🏼
    • Good friend's band that totally rocks.
  7. Donut Friend 🍩
    • Best vegan donuts in LA. I don't usually get this north in LA so I had one for dinner before my friend's show.
  8. Weekend breakfast 🍳
    • Get to hang with babe and catch up on life.
  9. Letting go 👋🏼
    • Stress, judgement, not going with the gut - bye!
  10. Being real 💯
    • this goes with letting go but being truly authentic is the most liberating feeling!