1. Halloween movies 💀
    • It begins!
  2. Days at home 🏠
    • Sometimes you just need to do laundry and organize.
  3. Working out with my training partner 🏋
    • Busy schedules don't usually allow for this!
  4. Soda Crush 🍬
    • Nice to just zone out here and there.
  5. Getting a car wash 🚗
    • Feeling fancy after a few months without one.
  6. Spin 🌀
    • Educating and training myself to spin to the positive is doing wonders for my energy, sleep and mental capacity.
  7. Ah-Ha moments 💡
    • They just keep happening now that I've taken my head out of the sand.
  8. Conversations 💬
    • Real conversations over chit chat any day!
  9. Going out on a school night here and there 📚
    • There's never enough sleep but it's fun to run in to old friends.
  10. Unplanned Days 🔕
    • At this point in life most of my days are pretty planned out from when I get up to crashing for the night so an unplanned day where I get up early and go with the flow is nice.
  11. Budgeting 💰
    • Nothing will make you feel more rich.
  12. Sitting at the bar 🍺
    • High stools for the win.