1. When Dottie paws me for attention 🐶
    • Reminds me to be mindful and stop what I'm doing and give her attention.
  2. Growth 🌲
    • It's fucking painful and uncomfortable and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  3. Family 👪
    • They're complicated too but communication is 🗝
  4. Being of service at work 📊
    • The plateau of the season is always the sweet spot of productivity.
  5. Watching my little 2 year buddy Dash do his schools trike a thon 🚴🏼
    • That age embodies innocent
  6. The many different ways people express grief 💀
    • My friend worked on art for a couple of years after her boyfriend died and then had a beautiful art show at her place as her offering to him.