1. Disneyland 🐭
    • Halloween time begins and always fun to go with my finance, training partner and her son.
  2. Rodger's Garden 🌿
    • More Halloween fun and totally inspiring!
  3. Tater Tots delivered to a meeting 🍠
    • I think that emoji is a yam or something but it's close to a tater tot. The CEO sometimes likes food truck food delivered to our meetings which livens things up a bit.
  4. Hanging with good friends 👯
    • I appreciate a good dinner and conversation over going out these days.
  5. Decorating for Halloween 💀
    • My best friend said its only September. I replied "aka almost Halloween"...costume ideas in the works as well!
  6. Spending quality time with Michelle 👫
    • She's about to be very busy and it was nice to carve out some time for us this week.