this is so a have a bank of possible answers when people are like "so tell me about yourself!!!!!!"
  1. A vulture once landed on me
    it was at a birds of prey show- I asked my mum if the birds would fly into the crowd. she said no.
  2. I was a child actor in a BBC children's show
    there's a close up of me acting as a zombie on YouTube. I'm not giving anyone the link..
  3. David Hasselhoff follows me on Twitter
  4. I've broken my left wrist twice, both in unimpressive ways
    once from falling off some monkey bars and once from tripping over when running for the bus #hardcore
  5. Kipling (the bag company) interviewed my sister and I and put it on their website
  6. I've been in a few pantomimes with minor celebrities
    like John Challis, Kirsten O'Brien, Dean Gaffney... proper Z-listers
  7. Ben and Jerry's recently gave me 8 tubs of ice cream and 4 boxes of their 's'wich up's for free
  8. I have to use Afro product in my hair because it's so curly and thick that nothing else works!
  9. My sister is adopted; we got her from a Chinese orphanage when she was 7 months old
  10. I run a King Julien quotes Twitter account and Facebook page
    followed by several Olympians!