well, two and a half..
  1. a pink pritt stick 👑
    so my sis was 12 and really wanted to buy a special pink edition pritt stick with her pocket money, as it was the start of term and pink things are exciting. however the cashier lady said she was underage & so couldn't buy it. I had to step in as a sensible 18 yr old as apparently that meant I was less likely to get hooked on sniffing PINK glue stick..🙄 I mean it's the most safe, child-friendly glue ever!! MY SIS JUST WANTED A CUTE THING TO PUT IN HER PENCIL CASE FOR NON-DRUG RELATED PURPOSES
  2. a pack of 100 plastic knives, forks and spoons 🍴
    I got ID'd at the self-checkout when buying this massive pack of plastic cutlery and a tub of Ben & Jerry's, as I was going to the cinema and buying ice cream from the supermarket is way cheaper! sadly this was the only option as I had not yet learnt the wonders of always having a plastic spoon or fork in my bag at all times, and apparently the huge supermarket couldn't lend me a single plastic spoon.. seriously tho, would a plastic knife really be used as a weapon?! it was not even serrated!
  3. sausages 🌭
    well, I didn't actually get asked for ID when buying sausages, BUT: I was hosting a dinner party for 5 meateaters and needed to buy some sausages for a cassoulet, however I'm veggie and have never bought meat in my life! so when I was faced with the massive fridge of it I genuinely felt like I wasn't adult enough and had to google whether you have to be 18 to buy meat (I know I know, sounds ridiculous!).. anyway despite some first-time nerves at the checkout, I felt SO grown up buying sausages😎