Because I have approximately a gazillion notebooks because I love stationery and they're so beautiful I don't wanna use em ever because I just love em so much 📒🖋
  1. It says "this & that" on the front, but so far I haven't written this OR that inside, as I'm saving that delight for another day! Instead of lined paper, it's dotted, which I think is super cool. I tend to do lots of geometric doodles, so dots instead of lines is perfect for feeding my distraction.
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  2. I got this fab one for Christmas from my Grandma, who is obviously the coolest. Pugs are my everything, and I don't actually own one of the wrinkly bundles of joy yet but ONE DAY, ONE DAY I will. How could you not fall in love with those big, sorrowful eyes?!
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  3. Okay, so I ADORE this one- but will I ever have anything special enough to write in it? I just love the detailed metallic, 70s pattern. I'm a sucker for patterns, so when I saw this one it awakened something in me. The magnetic cover & paper pockets inside are a really useful feature too, as I often have bits of paper stuffed into my notebooks.
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  4. This has sentimental value as my dance teacher for 14 years gave this to me when I left for uni. It's just simple, stapled paper but it's a sketching book so the quality is decent. I hate using the word "cute" for things that aren't fluffy animals or young children, but this notebook really is CUTE.
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  5. Finally, the notebook I am writing this in. [before I typed it up for @list] It's my most favourite thing- CHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who knows me will know of my potato obsession and I have never come across a cooler print. You might not think of it as a "pretty" notebook, but that's cos it's PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME.
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