because L O N D O N has so many and it crossed my mind that you'd never see them if you weren't here, so everywhere I went this week I opened up Snapchat and screenshotted the geofilters.. enjoy. sorry the first ones are so lame
  1. 32.
    *boring promotional filter*
  2. 31.
    this one is like a WordArt nightmare
  3. 30.
    I don't know why there are so many friggin Lewisham ones. it's not a remarkable place
  4. 29.
  5. 28.
    the best of a bad bunch
  6. 27.
    this was when I was in a shopping centre, it's pretty unexciting. soz snapchat
  7. 26.
    *boring promotional filter*
  8. 25.
    I think this is a hangover from the London 2012 Olympics, as the Olympic park is in Stratford
  9. 24.
  10. 23.
    because it has a big station
  11. 22.
    this is pretty representative of the City, which is full of posh wankers I MEAN BANKERS
  12. 21.
    is this meant to be a snowglobe?
  13. 20.
    I don't particularly like this one but it is VERY Camden-esque!
  14. 19.
    exactly what you think of when in the West End
  15. 18.
  16. 17.
    this reminds me of Lego! because of the colours
  17. 16.
    top half
  18. 15.
    (bottom half of above)
  19. 14.
  20. 13.
    this is touristy and exactly what people imagine of London, but CORGI!
  21. 12.
    cooool design
  22. 11.
    having lived in London all my life, I forget that daily near-collisions with pigeons isn't normal in most places
  23. 10.
    (bottom half of above)
  24. 9.
    Tower Bridge is beautiful
  25. 8.
    this one is tasteful and I like how modern it is
  26. 7.
    haha I like to imagine this is smog and not steam. would be so much more accurate for ldn
  27. 6.
  28. 5.
    classic scene, British colours- can't go wrong!
  29. 4.
    def conveys the Shoreditch vibe!
  30. 3.
  31. 2.
    classy & clean
  32. 1.
    I love the design, the scene, the colour and London-ness of this one. ma fave!