Requested by @eetak
  1. well, I was paired with a Canadian girl called Emily for a uni presentation on the Battle of the Boyne.
    we got given the last topic after everyone else had chosen theirs, so we were stuck with something that neither of us knew anything about!
  2. there was literally NOTHING in the library- one of the only books we could find was a picture book with cut-out bookmarks and stickers at the end!
  3. we ended up bonding over how awful our presentation was, especially as the class was fully of privately-educated pompous guys who thought they were the bee's knees.
    like, the shade they were throwing us when we gave our presentation was tangible
  4. Emily and I went for weekly coffee and realised that we had a lot in common - now she's one of my best friends! we discovered that we both love travelling, and we spontaneously booked to go to Paris whilst Emily still had her visa for the year
  5. aaand that's how I ended up in front of the Louvre!
  6. side story: a lady came up to me when we were at the Louvre and asked if I could take her photo - so I said "yeah sure, just in front of the Louvre here?" she replied that she wasn't bothered about having the WORLD FAMOUS PARIS LANDMARK in the photo, but that she just wanted a pic of her to send to friends...!!!
  7. then once I took her photo and showed it to her, she said "HOT DIGGITY DAWG!", thanked me, and walked away into the crowd, grinning happily to herself!