so I decided to do the unthinkable and give up dairy for Lent. as I'm already a vegetarian, I figured it would be easier to find stuff to eat by looking to see if it was vegan. which leads me onto my first tip...
  1. make sure you know the difference between dairy-free vegetarian and vegan
    i.e I always thought eggs were classed as dairy. I guess when I think 'dairy', I think farms. and eggs come from farms. as soon as someone told me I could have eggs, I went out straight away to buy 5 jam doughnuts.
    caffeine can still be had! soya lattes! almond milk lattes! tea! (even though I perhaps would go for black tea as almond milk in tea tastes.. wrong)
  3. hide all your chocolate
    because the thought of it will consume you with unholy urges
  4. hide all your cheese
    see above
  5. Google "unintentionally vegan foods"
    you will be pleasantly surprised! I discovered I could still have mr kipling treacle tarts, jammie dodgers, houmous, ice lollies, some doughnuts, steamed puddings, cake made with marg/baking spread instead of butter...
  6. look up cool vegan places to go for lunch
    I'm really fortunate with this one, as I work in bethnal green near the london buddhist centre so there's quite a few places to go when my face needs stuffing.
  7. suss out vegan alternatives
    swedish glacé do a beaut vanilla ice cream that actually tastes like normal ice cream! it's also super easy to make nom-worthy vegan brownies, cake, pie (ready-made pastry is usually vegan)...
  8. be thankful that you can still eat chips/curly fries/potato waffles/spicy wedges/all other tasty forms of potato
  9. procrastinate by looking up trendy vegan blogs
    the photos make the food look so good that you don't even care if the cake's got vegetables in it
  10. basically, work out all the ways you can still be as unhealthy as possible 😀