So basically, I run a few Twitter accounts that I created because I love the people they're about. I also get an immense amount of satisfaction from knowing that NONE of my friends or followers know it is me behind the accounts 😏
  1. It all began when I realised that King Julien has some great one-liners, and that these should be shared with the world. His silly humour is everything I want in a significant other. I also recently made a twin Facebook page for King Julien's quotes, which I linked with the Twitter so the posts would go in tandem. 🐒🌴
  2. The second Twitter I created was a fan account for Lana Del Rey, like WAY before she was famous- basically back in the days of Lizzie Grant. I hardly go on this anymore cos I ceebs, but I tweet every so often just to keep ma followers happy. You know how it goes. 😎
  3. This one's less exciting- it's an account for the University of Birmingham's WarStudies society, which I made when I was Secretary. It was super annoying because the soc already had Twitter but my predecessor couldn't remember the password or email he used for it, WHICH I REFUSE TO BELIEVE. It's 2016, you can't just LOSE access to an account! 🙄
  4. A few years ago I was watching The Voice & my semi-mate Max Milner (who I knew because he was in a band with my pal Robbie White from SYTYCD) popped up at the auditions!! It was weird cos I had no idea he was gonna be on it; lots of people were tweeting how cool he was & I was like I KNOW THIS GUY! So I made an account to drum up support for him 😀
  5. My most recent venture is a fan/quotes account for Kevin Malone off The Office. I created it after watching Niagara: Part 2 for the 3rd time- I became hysterical when it got to Kevin's sequence at the end & it made me cry a stupid amount because I was feeling ALL OF THE EMOTIONS. Kev is majorly underrated so I love finding people who also love him!