I am a huge fan of pic'n'mix- for most it is just a special something to be eaten in front of a massive screen in a room filled with strangers- but for me it is a way of life
  1. the chocolate crisp-covered chewy pralines
    candyking knows what's up
  2. mini fizzy strawberry cables
  3. regular strawberry cables
  4. sour cherries
    dat gelatine-free texture doe
  5. chocolate brazils
  6. the strawberries that are covered in sugar but don't actually taste fizzy or sour
  7. rolled-up fizzy belts
  8. fudge squares
  9. the long snakes that you only ever see in pic'n'mix
  10. fizzy bubblegum bottles
  11. chocolate raisins
    strictly to squeeze into the gaps in the cup. gotta get my money's worth AMIRITE
  12. fizzy dummies
  13. maybe some chocolate eggs if I'm feeling particularly adventurous that day