I'm a born and bred Londoner and everyday I snuggle into the fact I'm there, but today's Brexit shifted this. (thanks @JennyJLee for inspiring me to li.st these thoughts!)
  1. The silence was full of people thinking the same thing
    On my train, everyone whose shoulder I glanced over was reading stuff about the pound plummeting, Farage backtracking, Facebook posts about the awfulness of it all... you could tell the uncertainty was on everyone's minds
  2. There was a lot of sighing in the office
    I kept catching myself sighing heavily. We're usually an office of laughter and productivity but today we were an office of deflated balloons!
  3. I saw a lot more people having conversations in the streets
    Which trust me, NEVER happens in London..! It was cool but obviously under tough circumstances. Had a lot of these conversations: "Hey, how are you?" "Well fine, but.." "I know."
  4. People walked slower
    As if just giving up. Normally we're all charging about, on a mission, but there was a slower pace to the city today. I know I walked slower for sure.
  5. Felt weird being in area renowned for diversity
    Did a lot of walking around Bethnal Green in east London where there are people from all walks of life and it was strange. I just felt sad that these wonderful people may not feel so welcome any more. The friendly Italian barista gave me a free piece of fancy rocky road and AND I DON'T WANNA LEAVE THE EU.
  6. It was a beautiful sunny day
    But ironically It was overshadowed by the atmosphere.
  7. Brexit has already directly affected me
    The charity I work for relies on funding from various banks and similar firms, some of which may move to Dublin or elsewhere in the EU. I was talking with one of our contacts and she said "there's lots of questions and no answers"
  8. It just didn't feel like the lively, busy, interesting London that I know and love 💔
    I spent the whole day just wanting to be back home in bed watching Parks and Rec and eating ice cream