1. meeting @reallybadtiming 💜
  2. meeting @alexim 💙
  3. meeting @Diplomatic_diva 💚
  4. meeting @DawnCloud 💛
  5. the fact we were talking about random stuff for like 4 hours 💬
  6. the cocktails 🍸
    amaretto and prosecco in the same drink? erm YES PLEASE
  7. bonding despite having very different lives and backgrounds 🖇
  8. the amount of laughter 📣
  9. the food 🍴
    we got a beaut "flatbread" with tomato, oregano and mozzarella on it which was basically a pizza but the pub was just tryna be edgy about it...
  10. getting to talk about @list with people who actually know what you're talking about 🙌🏼
  11. my bum 🍑
    we were sitting outside and the bench was COLD
  12. knowing I'm not the only British person on here 🇬🇧
  13. the fact we're gonna do it again 📅
    all you British listers get involved!