I thought it'd be lovely to hear all the ways your days have been brightened by strangers; never underestimate the power of a simple smile!
  1. A man walking past me stopped to say 'bless you' when I sneezed
    ..and it was a train full of commuters in robot mode, so I was extra touched
  2. A guy a Burger King gave me a free drink for no reason
    It had been the WORST day and it was like he somehow knew
  3. Once when I fainted on the train, a kind lady gave me her water, her seat, and some comforting words (which I can't quite recall as I hadn't fully regained consciousness..)
  4. I was at a gig and the tall dude blocking my view let me stand in front of him 👐
  5. A lady offered to let me use the airplane restroom before her
    Suggested by @gus7464
  6. I was by myself dancing at a show at a festival (no one else wanted to go out in the rain), this super nice girl danced over and invited me to hang out with her and her friends. I ended up hanging out with them all through the night, it was so much fun!
    Side note... I kept in contact with her even though we live in different states, and every summer we pick a new festival to meet up at!
    Suggested by @nellbelle
  7. On their way out of our building, someone held the door for me as I was on my way in. Then they ran inside and held the inside door too. I'm 8 months pregnant...
    Suggested by @jennakb
  8. The barista at the Starbucks by my house always remembers my name, smiles, and is always really nice. He comped my drink once!
    What he doesn't know is that I go out of my way to get coffee on mornings when I'm especially depressed or anxious and his kindness helps a lot. The day he comped my coffee was a really bad day and I didn't have enough money in my bank to reload on my app. I was gonna pay with my last $5 bill... I almost cried.
    Suggested by @sar_marieee
  9. The cop in front of me at the Starbucks drive through paid for my drink this morning!😀
    Suggested by @julieann718
  10. I'm a manager at a store in downtown Chicago, and I was feeling overwhelmed on a particularly busy day. A guy came up to me and told me I was doing a great job. He said I looked like I needed to hear it. ☺
    Suggested by @sarahtrue
  11. My kids used to walk to school (small town, just a few blocks, plenty of sidewalks). One of them fell and skinned her knee on the way home. She was about 6. A woman came out of her house to comfort both my girls, and out a band-aid on a skinned knee. Made us all feel safe and cared for. ❤️
    Suggested by @MicheleThomas
  12. The time a random guy helped me jumpstart my car.
    Suggested by @MatthewAlmont