1. bubble baths 🛀🏽
    I love having baths, but sadly they have to be scent and bubble-free. which may be better in the long run as I thought it was normal to eat bubble bath..
  2. the confidence to wear short sleeves or bare legs 👙
    for me, this is the dark cloud that hovers over summer. I dread it as the weeks get warmer and I know that people will think I'm weird for covering up all the time. "aren't you hot in that?" they ask me. "no", I lie.
  3. big woolly jumpers 🐑
    they make it like a bajillion times worse!
  4. soap 💦
    I only ever wash with plain water, and can't even do the washing up without wearing gloves, as this irritates my skin! at least it means I save money that other people would be spending on shower gel and stuff..
  5. stress-free swimming 🏊🏼
    THE CHLORINE!! ah man this proper dries my skin out, so I have to slap on tons of special aqueous moisture afterwards to minimise the damage
  6. foundation 👑
    I can't wear foundation because of my crappy skin! will I ever experience the supposed wonders of contouring or highlighting??
  7. time ⏱
    no joke, the amount of time I have to spend going to and from the doctors and chemists to get top-ups of medication and diagnosis on eczema complications is crazy. also, having to spend ages putting on various ointments and creams each morning and evening is a right pain in the butt
  8. sleep 💤
    sometimes I wake myself up in the night from scratching.
  9. control 😖
    I have random flare-ups for no reason. and a couple of times my eczema has got suuuper infected so I'm given really strong steroid tablets and creams and antibiotics (NB: I'm allergic to penicillin, which makes prescriptions extra fun..)
  10. Christmas and birthday presents 🎁
    all those beautiful 'smellies' and pamper packs that I'm given but can't use!