1. Another year gone by
    You're reminded that another whole year has gone by and you haven't really achieved all the things you wanted to..
  2. Being awake at midnight isn't exciting anymore
    ..because I'm an insomniac and go to bed at like 2am. It was fun when you were a kid and your parents would wake you up at midnight or let you stay up so you could see in the New Year!
  3. New. Years. Resolutions.
    HATE EM! Even when I try and think of reasonable things I could do, I never manage to actually do them. Plus everyone asks you what your NYR is and you have to think of something good because their resolution is "I'm going to do something selfless everyday because I'm such a good person"
  4. There are no specific foods involved
    Christmas has roast dinners, pudding, etc, Easter has chocolate and hot cross buns, Halloween has sweets.. C'mon, I want an excuse to eat something!
  5. The hype
    There seems to be an expectation that everyone is having wild New Years Eves filled with fireworks and countdowns and kissing strangers. It's like the fun younger sibling of Christmas.
  6. I never have any plans
    I've spent the last few New Years by myself, after various friends have bailed on me. Which isn't that fun. Especially on what is viewed as the most sociable night of the year!
  7. New diaries/calendars
    So I never remember to buy a calendar.. and literally EVERY year I swear to myself that I'm gonna start keeping a diary, but it gets to like 6th of January and I'm already playing catch up.
  8. Soz to be so gloomy, I hope I'm not the only one who doesn't get the New Years hype! (but obvs still hope you all have fun plans with loved ones) 🎆