1. Once I met a girl
    She had deep ocean depths for eyes. A nebula of treasures unseen by the naked eye. It caught in the corner with a sideglance, tucked back in by the eclipse of an eyelash.
  2. Once I caught a glimpse
    Of wanderlust. And I realized stars knew secrets way before their time. She showed me scars in her eyes, stardust eons old floating in the specks caught only by light through the blinds.
  3. Then I saw the sky
    For what it really was, the moment I plunged right in without a dip. I saw with my breath on hold from the reefs of her soul. And for the first time in my life, I know for a fact gravity can't bring havoc from a storm. Or take it back.
  4. I fell so hard
    To touch the ancient soil beneath the sand. And appreciate the grains spilt from clenched hands, when they could do so much harm. Her arms were traced with the reminders of that.
  5. I've tasted dark around the light
    Cosmi rays like her leave behind. I've learned to tune my eyes for trails like hers, ablaze and cosmic divine.