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  1. Leave behind dieting
    Including all counting of food (calories, etc), exercising for any reason other than to feel happier or healthier
  2. Read 2-4 books a month
    Starting with a reread of the whole Harry Potter series, as well as Carrie Brownstein's "Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl"
  3. Write more frequently
    Pitching more, as well as writing more just for the hell of it, regardless of whether such pieces find a home. Maaaaybe I'll start journaling again?
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This is a tally over the course of two hours.
  1. The word "Tinder": III
    Special mention for "I wonder if Justin Bieber is on Tinder."
  2. Something about drinking on the weekend: III
    Also counting things like "After last weekend, I'm never drinking again."
  3. Something about Justin Bieber: IIIIII
    Special mention for "I was the original Belieber." Another special mention for the girl who said "I'm more excited about the new One Direction" and then basically got exiled from all further conversation.
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  1. He does the dishes like 90% of the time (this is the main one)
  2. Actually that's reason enough, I'm gonna stop there for the day.
  1. Being without coffee is almost equally as miserable as a caffeine headache.
  2. The process of breaking in Doc Martens will test you both mentally and physically, but you just have to keep on pushing through.
  3. When your dogs love each other, everything else is easier.
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A dog with a refined palate
  1. Paper towels
  2. My boots
  3. Cheese slice (out of my hand)
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  1. Gwen and Blake for real?
  2. Is Glenn dead?
  3. Healthiest cheese
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