3 days late but ))
  1. Leave behind dieting
    Including all counting of food (calories, etc), exercising for any reason other than to feel happier or healthier
  2. Read 2-4 books a month
    Starting with a reread of the whole Harry Potter series, as well as Carrie Brownstein's "Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl"
  3. Write more frequently
    Pitching more, as well as writing more just for the hell of it, regardless of whether such pieces find a home. Maaaaybe I'll start journaling again?
  4. Less TV before bed
  5. Be kinder to myself
    Even, or perhaps especially, when I'm feeling like I've failed at something
  6. Continue to write and talk about my mental health
    Being open with friends and loved ones, as well as writing about these issues, has helped me confront my mental health and has helped me ask for help. It's important to continue on this path.
  7. More cheese
    I resolve to both eat more cheese and to act cheesier than ever. The world needs more cheese, in all its forms.