This is a tally over the course of two hours.
  1. The word "Tinder": III
    Special mention for "I wonder if Justin Bieber is on Tinder."
  2. Something about drinking on the weekend: III
    Also counting things like "After last weekend, I'm never drinking again."
  3. Something about Justin Bieber: IIIIII
    Special mention for "I was the original Belieber." Another special mention for the girl who said "I'm more excited about the new One Direction" and then basically got exiled from all further conversation.
  4. The word "literally": IIII
  5. Something about needing coffee: I I
    Special mention for "OMG I just read about peanut butter with caffeine in it, I need this."
  6. Something about bagels: III
    Special mention for "Wow there are donuts AND bagels today, I literally don't know what to do."
  7. The phrase "I can't": III
  8. Someone whispers and it's obviously gossip: II
    Special mention for me muttering under my own breath.