1. Being without coffee is almost equally as miserable as a caffeine headache.
  2. The process of breaking in Doc Martens will test you both mentally and physically, but you just have to keep on pushing through.
  3. When your dogs love each other, everything else is easier.
  4. No one will fight for you harder than you fight for yourself, and no one (especially at work) will look out for you if you don't. Speak up about your needs.
  5. That being said, it's nice to find those rare people who WILL fight for you.
  6. When the up escalator at your subway stop isn't working, you'll feel like you're on a stair master with a bunch of strangers in business casual. It's not great.
  7. Uniqlo underwear is the only underwear for me.
  8. It is very hard to work across the street from a Chipotle and not eat there every day. Like really hard. Like too hard.
  9. Retail therapy is more expensive than actual therapy and probably way less effective.
  10. A warm shower with some peppermint and lavender essential oils is perhaps more effective than therapy, however.
  11. Seriously, tea is no substitute for coffee.
  12. Icy Hot is an amazing thing.
  13. Sometimes, out or necessity and self-preservation, there is just no time to acknowledge your own depression or anxiety.
  14. Other times, acknowledging it is your only option. As you become more tender with yourself and learn to prioritize based on your energy, you'll have more space to check in with yourself.
  15. One of the hardest things about working at an ad agency is that there will often be boxes and boxes of wine, cookies, and more all around you, and none of them are yours.
  16. Admitting mistakes is key.