2. You could seriously create so many scenarios with these characters.
  3. I mean, you could literally write this list for each one of the damn characters on that show.
  4. Michael Scott's No. 1 pick would obvy be "Threat Level Midnight"
  5. Or should I call him Michael Scarn...
  6. Ok. No. 2 would beeeee
  7. Ummmmm....
  8. Peep Show for sure!
  9. Watched that show 4 times through already...being marooned on an island would get my watch count up to at least 3,428
  10. I could memorize the entire script. 😮💡🙌👏💯😅😂👍💯
  11. It's actually my favorite show of all time, but The Office is what I thought of first because it would keep up morale.
  12. I'm assuming I am marooned on this island by myself.
  13. If I was with Steve I'm almost sure these choices would be the same--maybe not my No. 3 pick.
  14. Now for my No. 3 pick I'd need something a little more serious.
  15. The Tudors.
  16. But maybe I'd want to be strategic with my 3rd pick and go for something like I Shouldn't Be Alive.
  17. Hmmm no nvm at least I'll die happy.