1. Parks and Recreation
    Holy shit. I'm aware that I'm WAY late to the game here, but this show is SLAYING ME. The cast is genius, the writing is stellar, and nothing is too small to be referenced multiple times. It's got sweet, intimate moments, inspiring speeches, real life failures, and some of the best comedy I've ever seen. "Get on your Feet" will honestly never be the same to me. I've got seasons 6 and 7 left (hurry and get on Netflix 7) and I'm so sad it will end soon. But so happy it exists.
  2. Jessica Jones
    Yeah, this lives up to the hype and then some.
  3. Private Practice
    After rewatching all of Grey's with a friend who had never seen it, I finally caved and checked this out. It took a minute for me to get into it, but once the characters got rolling, I was hooked. Cooper and Charlotte forever.
  4. Gotham
    Season 1 was a snooze fest but season 2 has been a revelation. More villains!
  5. The League
    I DVRed all of the final season so I could plow through it at once. I'm so sad this weird little show is ending. Nothing better or weirder than a show that will do a full animated episode about one of its oddest supporting characters (❤️you Rafi).
  6. Fargo Season 2
    Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons and RON FUCKIN SWANSON (sorry I'm just deep in Pawnee right now).
  7. ???
    Not sure what's next. I've got a long Netflix queue, a backed up DVR, and not enough time. I just want to watch all the good tv. Is that so much to ask?