All #squads I need to join
  1. Felicity's #UNYsquad
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    My love for this show knows no bounds, and this squad is IT. Noel Crane will tell you to stay in New York or perish. Elena will ALWAYS have your back. Megan will probably practice spells on you, but she'll let you use her smart powder. Javier is there for when you're crunching on a boy and need to gossip. Sean will docuvent it all. Felicity will encourage your impulsive decisions. Ben will whisper dreamily to you. And Julie... Well she'll probably write a stupid song. No one likes Julie.
  2. New Girl's #loftsquad
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    I just really, really want to play True American.
  3. Boy Meets World - #feenysquad
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    FEENY! FEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-NAY! Also, maybe I could finally solve the mystery of the missing Morgan. SOMEONE KNOWS.
  4. Harry, Ron, and Hermione - the #MagicSquad
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    They're the holy trinity, and you know you're privileged if you get to be apart of it. I'll just take Ginny's spot as 4th, since Ginny's kinda boring and I'm a redhead so it counts. I mean, Muggle status aside, Harry and I would be pretty awesome together, right? I'd make a cool sister to Ron, and Hermione would obviously be my bestie.
  5. The Craft #4cornerssquad
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    Obviously BEFORE Nancy goes nuts. Mostly I just wanna play light as a feather, stiff as a board. And maybe also be able to change my hair with magic.
  6. Cher's #cameoatthevalpartysquad
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    Let's take a lap before we commit to a location, and be careful - Josh may be a total Baldwin but he is your ex stepbrother and it's weird to make out with him, Cher. Don't worry, I volunteer as tribute.
  7. Buffy's #scoobysquad
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    Slaying with Buffy, brooding with Angel, researching (and later magicking) with Willow, snarking with Xander, and being British with Giles. Yes. Please.