Life lessons from Seattle Grace/Mercy West/Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
  1. Never leave home without lipstick.
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    Lots of surgeries and sleeping in on-call rooms and NOT sleeping in on-call rooms, so you gotta make sure your lipstick game is fierce.
  2. Always wear good underwear.
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    You never know when they'll end up on the bulletin board!
  3. Curl your hair everyday. Doesn't matter if you're gonna stuff it under a scrub cap.
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    Addison knows what's up.
  4. Drinking is an effective way to get over a shitty day. Especially tequila by the bottle.
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    Unless you're Chief Webber and you're an alcoholic, in which case I wouldn't recommend attending a Meredith Grey party or going to Joe's.
  5. Coloring on the walls is totally cool.
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    When you're Derek Shepherd and you have a gigantic tumor to figure out.
  6. Sleeping with your coworkers *might* give you syphilis.
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    Poor George.
  7. Marriage really IS a piece of paper.
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    Preferably a blue post-it. Always remember to call post-it.
  8. Find your person, and never forget who that is.
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    Twisted sisters forever.
  9. When in doubt, dance it out.
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