Important Things I Have Learned From Grey's Anatomy

Life lessons from Seattle Grace/Mercy West/Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
  1. Never leave home without lipstick.
    Lots of surgeries and sleeping in on-call rooms and NOT sleeping in on-call rooms, so you gotta make sure your lipstick game is fierce.
  2. Always wear good underwear.
    You never know when they'll end up on the bulletin board!
  3. Curl your hair everyday. Doesn't matter if you're gonna stuff it under a scrub cap.
    Addison knows what's up.
  4. Drinking is an effective way to get over a shitty day. Especially tequila by the bottle.
    Unless you're Chief Webber and you're an alcoholic, in which case I wouldn't recommend attending a Meredith Grey party or going to Joe's.
  5. Coloring on the walls is totally cool.
    When you're Derek Shepherd and you have a gigantic tumor to figure out.
  6. Sleeping with your coworkers *might* give you syphilis.
    Poor George.
  7. Marriage really IS a piece of paper.
    Preferably a blue post-it. Always remember to call post-it.
  8. Find your person, and never forget who that is.
    Twisted sisters forever.
  9. When in doubt, dance it out.