Other Wb/cw Shows for Netflix to Bring Back

My wish list for reboots in 2016
  1. Felicity
    Only if there are no mentions of Lauren or Julie Emrick. Noel should be getting divorced and deciding he's still in love with Felicity, who is finishing up her residency with Ben and they are both being pulled in different directions. Think Grey's Anatomy, but with Felicity Porter, way less tequila, and the two most attractive Scotts to ever grace our television. It should be Docuventary 3, a Sean Blumberg production.
  2. Cult
    No one but @BridgetMorrissey and I watched this show. But it was GREAT. And I still have questions. Who is Steven Rea? What's with all that ancient mythology? Did Roger live? And what the hell does "well hey, these things just snap right off" MEAN?
  3. The Secret Circle
    Faye is in, and frankly a Faye spinoff would be enough for me. This is the most egregious cancellation in recent memory, and I can't even get it on DVD because the CW hates me. But y'all, the four Balcoins at the end. WHAT? I need answers. Netflix, help a sister out.
  4. Veronica Mars
    Yes, this is technically a UPN show, and yes, this had a movie funded on Kickstarter. And then 2 canonical novels after. AND the wildly entertaining "Play it Again, Dick" web series. But all Marshmallows know it's not enough. We need more LoVe. More time with Mac and Wallace. We need to see Keith Mars well, and see Weevil avenged! And ok, no one likes Duncan Kane, but come on, we wanna know if he's ok. Just take me back to Neptune, Netflix. Please.
  5. Dawson's Creek
    SPOILER: Jen's dead, and they probably couldn't get Michelle Williams anyways. But did Pacey and Joey make it? Is Dawson the new Spielberg? Did Andie go a little cuckoo as a doctor? How are Jack and Doug? Is Grams still around and awesome? Is Audrey a wildly successful pop star? Are Lily and Alexander dating now? I DON'T WANNA WAIT FOR OUR LIVES TO BE OVER. I WANT TO KNOW RIGHT NOW, WHAT WILL IT BE?
  6. Popular
    You call yourself a Ryan Murphy fan, and I bet you've never seen this one. Canceled before he could get all Ryan Murphy on it, this show had quirky characters, great 90s fashion, and all the high school drama he would go on to continue at Glee but without all of the music. Oh, and IS BROOKE ALIVE?!?