1. It's IKEA day! I am going to eat Swedish meatballs, impulse buy 100 candles, and buy some reasonably priced furniture and assemble it LIKE AN ADULT.
  2. Oh man, this bookcase/bed/desk/lamp/chair/table is going to look so great! No one will believe it's IKEA.
  3. How cute! The instructions are pictures!
  4. There are a lot of pieces of hardware. How can I tell what is what? Why aren't they labeled?
  5. Ok I've got this. In 76 easy steps I will have a bed.
  6. Wait, I'm supposed to put what where? THE HOLES DON'T LINE UP
  7. OW these damn wood peg things gave me a splinter. This is never going to look like a bed.
  8. WHY AREN'T THERE WORDS? I just want words to tell me what to do or better yet to build this for me.
  9. Where is Regis when you need him? I WANT TO PHONE A FRIEND.
  10. I'm never going to IKEA again and I will never be seduced by those cute, well designed rooms. Burn it all.
  11. YES! I got one side together. I think. Maybe. Wait is it upside down? DAMMIT.
  12. Alright, change of attitude. I must be positive. This is like the ultimate logic puzzle and I will solve it. I like puzzles... I think.
  13. Hmm. Either this is actually starting to look like that cool assembled piece of furniture from the store or I am hallucinating.
  14. This Allen wrench thingy is shockingly useful. I wonder if all furniture is assembled this way.
  15. There's a light at the end of the tunnel! I'm almost done!
  16. Oh my god I am the MASTER of IKEA. ALL HAIL ME FOR I HAVE ASSEMBLED A BED (in 10 hours). 💪🏻💪🏻
  17. Damn, that looks really good. I think I need more furniture and definitely some meatballs. Anyone want to go to IKEA?