One time...
  1. A classmate shared a collection of her poetry with me and I laughed at one she meant seriously.
  2. I rode a bus as far as it went.
  3. My mom put up a map of the US and marked the cities where we were born.
  4. Static
  5. I woke up at 6:17 when my alarm was set for 8:05 and now it's 7:14.
  6. My dad wrote me a note in red ink.
  7. I had a dream about a salad
  8. I painted an eyeball
  9. I thought my nervous system was spazzing out but it was minnows.
  10. I found this is my shoe
  11. A muscadine bounced off the sidewalk about up to my eye
  12. <strike>Lola Dina told me if I say "hm" too much I'll have a hard life.</strike>
  13. It happened
  14. I dreamt I found a silver dollar and on my way to work Midnight Rider came on the radio and I was in uniform.
  15. I thought you were god.
  16. I thought I was god.
  17. I thought we were god.
  18. I burnt a coworker with a spatula.
  19. I burnt another coworker with the same spatula.