I host and produce and one-woman-show this podcast about the future. It's fun and weird and here are some interesting things that didn't make it into each episode. SHAMELESS PLUG: you can subscribe to us on iTunes and I would love you for it.
  1. 01—A Womb Away from Home
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    Medical technology has gotten incredibly good at keeping premature babies alive. A recent study examined the tech that kept a couple of babies born at 22 weeks alive. 22 weeks! That's crazy early!
  2. 02—The Second Moon is a Harsh Mistress
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    Earth's moon is super weird. It's HUGE in relation to the Earth—a quarter of the diameter of Earth—and by far the biggest moon in relation to its planet in our solar system.
  3. 03—Forcing the Hand
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    There is actually a growing lobby against "killer robots" who argue that the further human hands get from pulling the trigger the more callous we might be at killing. There is, literally, a Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.
  4. 04—The Most Dangerous Game
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    Football helmets do very little to prevent concussions. They're not even really designed to. They're made to prevent catastrophic injury like skull fractures.
  5. 05—The Revenge of the Germs
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    The vast majority of antibiotics are not used on people. Eighty percent of antibiotics used in the US are used on livestock.
  6. 06—Never Lay me Down to Sleep
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    The longest any person has gone without sleep without the aid of any stimulants is 264.4 hours. The record was set in 1964, by a 16-year old named Randy Gardner.
  7. 07—The Day the Internet Died
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    Guys this one is so full of weird I love it. But my favorite extra bit was Finn Brunton's analogy for tech right now: lead pipes in Rome. Hear me out. In Rome all the rich people were STOKED about plumbing. They talked and wrote about it NON STOP. Problem: that plumbing was made of lead. Slowly it drove them all completely insane. Is that not the best tech analogy you have ever heard?