Holler at me ⚽️ fans.
  1. It's the fucking women's World Cup can I get a HELL YES.
  2. The fact that Megan Rapinoe exists is on display for the whole world.
    She is not only an incredible soccer player, she is also an amazing human. And she's a huge lgbt advocate and her girlfriend makes great music. And did I mention she is amazing at soccer? She is.
  3. One word: Formiga
    Brazil may have lost today, but Formiga (like Beyoncé she only needs one name) was the shining star of the team this tournament. Oh and she's 37. She's played in every Olympic Games in which women's soccer was included. She's played for the Brazilian national team since she was 17, and almost scored an incredible goal today. Bow down, bitches.
  4. Cameroon came to play
    There is so much that still needs to be done to support African women's teams. Many of these teams rarely play together, and many of their players don't even get a chance to play regularly throughout the year. But Cameroon was fucking on fire for their run. And afterwards their coach said: "At times they don't allow women in football. But with the results we're having, just today I received about 50 messages of young girls interested to play soccer." (tears up)
  5. People are finally watching.
    Women's sports are always sidelines, and there's still a lot to do to convince networks and newspapers to cover the World Cup. But this year Fox has taken the coverage semi-seriously (we can talk about some of their bozo male announcers who clearly don't know anything about the women's game or players, but at least you can watch without relying on a shitty torrent). And the U.S. vs Nigeria match broke viewing records for the WWC with five million fans tuned in. More more more!