We don't fight, but we do argue
  1. What does the 🍑 emoji mean?
    I say vagina, he says butt. I know I am probably wrong about this but it has gone on long enough that I cannot abandon my position.
  2. What makes something a single tattoo?
    If you got them at the same time? What if you got one and then later got another one that interacts with the first? Our prototype here is: if I have a hot dog tattoo, and then I got a ketchup next to it, is that one tattoo? What if the ketchup is squirting onto the hotdog, joining them? What if the hotdog gets turned into a butterfly?
  3. Who is the best character in The Wire?
    I say Stringer Bell. He says Lester Freamon.
  4. What is the best flavor of Gatorade?
    I say blue, he says yellow.