I have no idea if this is going to work in ListApp form, but here's a fun thing I do sometimes when I give talks about psychology and image doctoring. Guess which of these images are fake and which are real! Answers to come in a later post I guess? WHO KNOWS.
  1. Mussolini on his horse
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    Damn what a dictator! FAKE he doctored out a horse handler. Dictators don't need horse handlers!
  2. Very stoic Lincoln
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    Damn what a president! FAKE that is Lincoln's head on another man's body.
  3. Obama goofin'
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    FAKE: Obama wouldn't do that y'all.
  4. Bush goofin'
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    REAL: Bush would do that y'all
  5. $$MONEY$$
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    FAKE: the Romney children are very well trained, they lined up right
  6. Teddy on a moose
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    FAKE: there is no photographic evidence that Teddy rode a moose but if you still believe he did I won't judge you