1. No no no no no no no no
  2. NO
  3. Please please please no
  4. I thought we were cool, computer. I even bought you those stupid looking little feet things when you were getting too hot.
  5. Noooooooooooo
  6. Seriously no do not do this to me
  7. I never even spilled coffee on you! And this is what you do to repay me!! ASSHOLE
  8. No. No. No.
  9. Maybe if I turn you off for a while it will help. I sometimes need a nap too.
  10. Okay, nap time is over. Don't you feel refreshed? You do right? Come on a nap always helps. Come ooooonnnnn.
  11. Mouth open silent scream
  12. Oh wow this gold MacBook is pretty sweet looking.