I bike in Manhattan and Brooklyn a lot. Add tips if you have them!
  1. Pedestrians are one of your biggest dangers
    They dart out in between cars and rarely look into the bike line. Always be on the lookout for jaywalkers!
  2. Use you words
    If you don't have a bell, use your voice to alert people that you are there and that they should move or see you. You don't have to scream, just an excuse me works!
  3. A ticket for running a red light is $278
    So make sure there are no cops around before you do it. I learned this one the hard way.
  4. There will be shit in the bike lane.
    You are going to have to get into traffic. Look and then take the space you need. Give cars that have just pulled over extra space, since passengers will fling open doors and hit you.
  5. Google maps gives bike directions, and you can use them live.
    Put one headphone in (not both, you need to be able to hear cars approaching) and let the voice guide you as you bike. Much safer than pulling your phone out to check where to turn every 10 minutes.