1. Got up early to clean and prepare for a 50 mile bike ride to a campsite.
  2. Spend an hour trying to get the bike rack and panniers onto the dude's bike.
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  3. Spend an hour waiting for the torrential downpour to stop.
  4. Carry the dude's now very heavy bike down five flights of stairs.
  5. We're off!
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  6. Bike 2 miles.
  7. Panniers get caught in the spokes and rip. Rearrange everything.
  8. We're off again!
  9. Bike 3 miles.
  10. The dude hits a pot hole and his bike rack breaks off the bike, scattering a tent and two sleeping pads into the road.
  11. Assess the damage.
  12. Rent a Zipcar to get everything home.
  13. Go get a drink.
  14. Nap for 2 hours.
  15. Play FIFA.
  16. And we're caught up to now. Not the day we planned, but still pretty enjoyable.