time is an imaginary construct created to control people... but, since kylie made last year about realizing things and i'm making this year about originality #goodlucklmao and owning my shit. so here are my resolutions
  1. get in a fight
  2. make more shitty jokes for me
  3. set myself up for success
  4. find a nemesis
    i'm taking applications
  5. be self-centered
    bc who else is going to pay that much attention to me
  6. post more selfies
  7. be nice to people
    including myself
  8. remember that caring is a good thing
    don't shut people out
  9. share my opinions because they are a part of me
    they make me who i am
  10. don't forget that these resolutions are just suggestions and hopes
    it's not legally binding so chill