1. Austin, TX
    Since my sister will be living here soon, I'm sure I'll end up visiting at some point anyway. I'm excited to see the hipster capital of the southwest!
  2. Vancouver, BC
    I don't really know why, it just seems like a cute glamorous city I'd like to see when I (hopefully) visit the PNW one day.
  3. Tokyo, Japan
    My inner weaboo has wanted to visit Akihabara for years (haha but actually.) I really would like to see what big city culture is like in other countries, especially Japan.
  4. Paris, France
    I have never been to an "old world" city and this is definitely my top choice.
  5. Chicago, IL
    Obviously I just want to see the Blackhawks. But I've never been to the Midwest, so I guess that too.