Just saw a Motorola teaser that featured the RAZR and was reminded of my beautiful pink piece of metal. A time before iPhones is the Mesozoic Era to teens now, but just need to share what they are missing out on. It turns out that Motorola was not re-releasing the RAZR and just building hype for the release of a run of the mill smart phone. Snooze.
  1. The emphasis of the "flip"
    Sure now your phone lights up and you enter your password to view a notification. There was no better feeling than the swift flip of your phone to open it. And don't get me started on the dramatic hang up. Pressing the end button does not have the same effect 💁🏻
  2. T9 texting
    To be honest, I have a certain nostalgia for the extra work. The certain pleasure of being able to text quickly using this process was like learning to play piano. So fun. Although a lot of work, it allowed for shorter texts and sometimes the necessity to, GOD FORBID, call people on the phone to chat.
  3. Not having data
    Can you even imagine the horror of needing a computer to look something up?
  4. Not being able to tweet
    I had to connect my phone to Twitter and then if I wanted to tweet something I had to text 40404. Back then this was the only option. You know when you think of something funny and have to immediately pull out the phone to tweet it? Yeah, we had to either text it in or wait until you got to a computer and missed the moment completely. (Honestly tho, what on earth was so important when I was a freshman in high school that I had to tweet it immediately????)
  5. Texting limits
    Texting is a free for all these days. Double text messages for daaaaaaaays. As a evolving creature I am a huge proponent for the double (even triple text), but when I didn't have an iPhone there were texting limits and save your soul if you went over. It was the equivalent to sharing a family data plan, but just with texting. THE HORROR.