5 PHOTOS ON MY PHONE, 12/19/2015

Hello (List) world -- the first one
  1. Making a perfect circle to sleep
    Enabled by a surprisingly long spine
  2. Drawing of someone I don't know who has the same name as someone I do know
    Consensus is that the noses are very similar
  3. NYT article about a hidden crypt underneath my daily walking route in Washington Square Park
    So that's why I have been sniffing extra long in that corner...
  4. Weird disc thing someone was riding in the park
    The next hoverboard?
  5. Hudson River Parkway at night: beautiful but contentious
    Who knew a little golf cart person would come around? I guess you would know if you read the list of tiny fonted rules that golf cart person pointed out. PS: I am NOTNOTNOT allowed on the grass.