1. 2nd grade Becky
    Tom Petty hairdo, know-it-all, snarky
  2. 5th grade Becky
    Glasses. Braces. Headgear. Overalls.
  3. 8th grade Becky
    Loner with headphones in 24/7. Stevie Wonder, S&G, Beatles, Kinks.
  4. 10th grade Dead Head Becky
    Still love the Dead. Just glad the Joan Baez hair is no longer part of my life.
  5. College Freshman Becky
    I went to school at night while working full-time in Center City Philadelphia. For some reason I felt this required a suit (for work), LL Bean backpack (for school) and Nikes (for the train). It was like 1980s Manhattan. In 1995.