1. Don't have a baby just before it starts- oops
  2. Don't discover you need shoulder surgery 3 weeks into it- double oops
  3. Wine
  4. Don't live in Albuquerque during Crime Spree 2015- oops again
  5. Sirius Channel 23
  6. Don't forget to buy GF waffles and, if you do forget, DO NOT TELL THE 4 YEAR OLD
  7. FaceTime
  8. Old school love notes
  9. Chocolate
  10. Coloring mandalas when the kids (finally) go to bed. Yes, I'm 38.
  11. Don't volunteer ever. For anything. No matter what you think, you are a single mom for over a year and do not have time for that shit.
  12. Yoga pants. Just always yoga pants.
  13. Hours online RV shopping and Googling "how to afford an Airstream on a military salary".
  14. Making countless lists on List App.