Best Fictional Athletes of All Time

As chosen by the RotoWire staff, here are some of our favorite fictional athletes.
  1. Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn - Major League
  2. Ty Webb - Caddyshack
    "I don't play golf...for money...against people"
  3. Bugs Bunny - Space Jam
  4. Heck, the whole Tune Squad
  5. Pablo Sanchez - Backyard Baseball
  6. Rocky Balboa - Rocky Balboa
  7. Ricky Bobby - Talladega Nights
    "If you ain't first, you're last"
  8. Peter Lafleur - Dodgeball
  9. "Benny the Jet" Rodriguez - The Sandlot
    "Man, this is baseball. You gotta stop thinking. Just have fun."
  10. Santiago Munez - Goal!
  11. Daniel LaRusso - The Karate Kid
  12. Jesus Shuttlesworth - He Got Game
  13. Forest Gump - Forest Gump
  14. Happy Gilmore - Happy Gilmore
  15. Bobby Boucher - The Waterboy
    "So that's what opening up a can of whoop-ass feels like."
  16. Buddy - Air Bud
  17. Paul "Wrecking" Crewe - The Longest Yard
    "I will be your coach, your captain, your quarterback"
  18. Chaz Michael Michaels - Blades of Glory
    "Were gonna dance to one song and one song only"
  19. Tim Riggins - Friday Night Lights
    "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose"
  20. Shane Falco - The Replacements
  21. Nathan Scott - One Tree Hill
    In both SlamBall and basketball.