Here are Chris Liss' picks to help you survive Week 11. See the full article with detailed analysis here: ($)
  1. New England Patriots
    You probably don't have them available, but if you do they're an easy choice against the 49ers, even in San Francisco.
  2. Seattle Seahawks
    Another team in short supply, but with Russell Wilson healthy and playing at home, I see them winning easily over the Eagles and rookie QB Carson Wentz.
  3. Dallas Cowboys
    The Ravens are well coached but likely to be overmatched on the road by Dallas' road-grating offensive line and solid QB play.
  4. Kansas City Chiefs
    The Chiefs have struggled offensively of late, but at home against a beatable Bucs defense, I think they'll get back on track.
  5. Oakland Raiders
    The Raiders have played better defensively of late, and that's a problem for one of the league's worst offenses, even if this is on a neutral site.
  6. Pittsburg Steelers
    I don't especially trust the Steelers on the road, and they're the second most owned team, but it helps that the opponent is the Browns.
  7. New York Giants
    The Giants are the highest-owned team but they should handle the Bears at home.
  8. Detroit Lions
    The Jaguars are bad, but Detroit is not a team on which you want to count if the Jaguars are making their usual fourth-quarter run.