What's Your Favorite Sports Scandal?

Not funny? Too soon? We went there. See what the RotoWire staff picked as the best sports scandals in history.
  1. Bobby Valentine goes incognito after ejection - 1999
  2. Joe Cullen, former Lions defensive line coach, takes a naked trip to Wendy's
    "Well, it's simple: it's called a blackout."
  3. Tonya Harding's attack on Nancy Kerrigan -1994
    Harding's ex-husband and body guard hired Shane Stant to break Kerrigan's leg so she would be unable to compete in the '94 Winter Olympics.
  4. Najeh Davenport and a hamper...
  5. The constantly changing story of Ryan Lochte and his Rio robbery
    "I over-exaggerated...I was still intoxicated"
  6. You guessed it: The Patriots
  7. Matt Barnes drove 95 miles to beat the sh*t out of Derek Fisher
    Don't mess with a man's ex-wife.