I'm Rowan, I like long walks on the beach and
  1. I am related to one of the thirteen witches burned at the stake in the Salem witch trials.
    Elizabeth Howe. Except she wasn't actually burned at the stake, but buried alive. She could cure herself with herbs and swim (two things that qualified as sorcery.) She was killed while on trial because she absolutely refused to call herself a witch. My mother thinks my sense of determination and will was passed down from her. :)
  2. I have been obsessed with Broadway since I was five.
    I mean very much, aggressively obsessed. Before my grandfather passed, he gave me a big Broadway book with every musical from Follies and Showboat to The Lion King and Wicked. I studied it religiously. My favorite musical are probably My Fair Lady, Cabaret, Guys & Dolls and Fiddler on the Roof.
  3. My favorite place in the whole world is New York.
    Joan Didion wrote an essay on how people who keep journals are born with a sense of loss. I think New York City kind of fills that sense of loss inside me.
  4. I'm a pescetarian.
    Three years strong! My family gave up red meat before I was born, so I have never had any red meat in my entire life. We did, however, eat chicken and turkey. I decided to give chicken up about five years ago, following turkey 3 years ago. Here's the catch- I am the pescetarian who is allergic to shellfish
  5. I found out I was allergic to shellfish on my birthday.
    I was at Sugarfish and for some drastic reason I decided THAT was the day I was gonna try the shrimp!!! And then my throat starting closing and my lips turned purple!!!! LOL!!!!!
  6. I collect journals.
    Lined, blank, colorful, standard etc. There's a peculiar comfort in just knowing I have 15 empty journals around me. Very safe.
  7. I am very claustrophobic.
    This has led to breakdowns on the street in NYC, London, Disneyland, and elevators.
  8. I am a Libra.
    ✨✨trying to find her balance✨✨
  9. I took Russian ballet for six years.
    I stopped when I decided to further pursue acting. My teachers were very strict and sometimes crazy (we had rulers stuck down our leotards to see who had the best posture), but I loved it. Unfortunately, I had to stop one month before I was supposed to go en pointe. 😭